Update 27 May ’21

Hey everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a great May. It’s been a month of extremes for me.

Firstly, the weather – after all, it’s a legal requirement in Britain to start every conversation with a discussion on the recent weather. It’s been glorious summer sunshine one day, then torrential downpours the next. After years of ignorance, I’ve finally discovered the value of a good umbrella; they keep you dry when it’s wet and can act as a pretend lightsabre when it’s warm. Basically it’s the perfect product!

Next, editing! Apocalypse Rising has been my biggest challenge so far in terms of editing. The first draft contains some of my best writing so far. Sadly, on review, it also contains some of my worst. That’s to be expected with a first draft, but some of the fixes have taken longer than I’d like. The climax also needs some work; I wrote it as one long scene during a very productive Sunday morning and know that it’ll need hacking apart into chapters. I guess writing is like surgery; you just need to know where to cut.

I love the book and think my readers will too, but it’s been a slog. I’d estimate I’m halfway done at present. I was aiming to finish the edit by the end of May, but that will slip into June now. I’m sure that it will be completed by my next monthly update.

What I’m Reading

Bone by Jeff Smith

I’ve been aware of Bone for years, but I’d never gotten round to reading it. This month, I finally plucked up the courage (or rather, clicked on the link) and bought a copy.

First impressions: this is a beast of a book! At 1,300 pages, it certainly takes up more than its fair share of the bookshelf. Being a collection of the entire run of the comic, that wasn’t a surprise. It’s taking more time than I expected to wade through it though!

The artwork is clean and clear, with great detailing and design. I especially love the rat creatures. The writing is fantastic; veering between comedy and fantasy epic with ease. There’s a fascinating lore bubbling away beneath the surface and I was delighted to see the creator take their time in revealing it. It’s unfortunately all too common for writers to front load their books with info dumps about their carefully crafted worlds. Jeff Smith reveals his world through the lives of his characters.

Also, did I mention it’s funny? Reading Bone made me feel like I was watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, full of wacky characters and hi-jinks.

I’ve been reading it for a while now and still have a ways to go, but I have no doubt the end result will be worth the mammoth time sink!

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