Extinction Horizon is out now!

Extinction Horizon, my Predator/Jurassic Park in space mashup, has been released by those fine folk at Severed Press.

Space: the new frontier. A place where voracious mega-corporations can conduct unethical experiments away from Earth’s prying eyes. In this unregulated atmosphere, espionage, sabotage and all-out war between corporations is rife. Corporate security services rival national militaries in size, armament and ruthlessness.

When former Marine Mike Cordero and his crack team of hardcore badasses are sent by their employer to investigate a distress call from onboard a research orbital, they are expecting a fight. After all, fighting is what they are paid for.

What they aren’t expecting – what no-one could ever have expected – are the prehistoric nightmares that wait for them in the darkness of space.

Please check it out on Amazon!

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