Update 22 July ’21

Hi all! I will keep this brief as it’s far too hot to be doing anything other than lounging in the sunshine. The weather feed on my work laptop is telling me that it is both 28 degrees Celsius and raining heavily. I think the summer heat has gotten to it. The manuscript for Extinction […]

Mid-Month Musings

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world significantly. Everyone has been affected, in one way or another. For millions of us, the pandemic has caused us to spend less time with our loved ones. Lockdowns have closed schools and offices, redefining how we understand working and learning. The virus’s impact is still rippling out from […]

Code Words

Hi everyone! I hope you’re ready for another code word story. I really enjoyed writing this one, it took some strange turns and was very much a stream of consciousness tale, though I did sneak in a quick edit so that the ending made more sense. I broke another self-imposed rule with this one. I […]

Update 24 June ‘21

I have sent the manuscript to the good folk at Severed Press as they have the option of first refusal, being the publishers of Extinction Horizon. As of now, I am entering the worst part of being a writer: waiting to hear back from a publisher! I’ve put my planned space opera novel on ice […]

Ripley Reviews

Ark of the Apocalypse (Book 1 of the Magellan II Chronicles) by Tobin Marks Disclaimer: A review copy of the book was provided by the author. I’m a huge fan of epic science fiction. As a child, I somehow got my hands on a copy of Westwood Studio’s seminal real time strategy classic Dune II: […]

Mid-Month Musings

I’m approaching the end of editing Extinction Horizon 2 and, quite naturally, my thoughts are on what to write next. I’m not a prolific author. Since deciding to get serious about writing in 2019, I’ve written five books, only one of which has been published. For my next book, I’ve been planning a space opera. […]

The Thirteenth Day

Hey everyone! I was planning on posting another of my Code Words stories, but life got in the way and I’ve not managed to finish writing it. Instead, please enjoy this short story that’s been sitting on my hard drive for a while. The Thirteenth Day Today was the thirteenth day of Elliott’s cycle. I […]

Update 27 May ’21

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great May. It’s been a month of extremes for me. Firstly, the weather – after all, it’s a legal requirement in Britain to start every conversation with a discussion on the recent weather. It’s been glorious summer sunshine one day, then torrential downpours the next. After years […]